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The U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association is open. Masks are required to enter Ogle Hall.

SUMMER HOURS: Monday-Thursday 0900 to 1700; Friday: 0900 to 1200. Available by email, video and phone.

We can be reached after hours and all Fridays at 410-295-4000 or email.


The Alumni Association is located at 247 King George Street, at the corner of College Ave. If you have specific requests for items like a replacement membership card or need to see someone in particular, please call ahead so we can ensure items are ready when you arrive. Two hour street parking is available in the surrounding area--please note posted street signs explaining all parking restrictions. Local police can be vigorous in their enforcement of local parking regulations. There are several parking garages surrounding the Naval Academy with very low fees, some are free on weekends. Rent Ogle Hall

Reunions: Driving onto the Yard and Shopping

2021 - Current Guidance with regards to visiting USNA

Driving onto USNA grounds requires a valid DOD (CAC) card for active duty/reserve or retired military or dependents. If visiting USNA for an official reunion, your reunion nametag is all that is required to shop at Midshipmen Store.

Visiting the USNA Foundation

The Naval Academy Foundation is located at 274 Wood Road, on the grounds of USNA. You must have DOD CAC card to enter the Yard. 

Visiting the Foundation - Athletic and Scholarship Programs (A&SP)

The A&SP office is located at 25 Maryland Avenue (one block from the Alumni Association location). Two hour street parking is available.

Visit USNA

2021 - Current Guidance with regards to visiting USNA

USNA and Parking - The Naval Academy is in an historic period of construction on the Yard. With Hopper Hall and Santee Basin all under construction at the same time, parking is a daily challenge for faculty, staff and midshipmen. The Parking Garage is NOW open and has alleviated some of the parking shortages that have been a daily and frustrating occurrence. If you visit the Yard for an event (especially during the weekend), parking on a Friday can be difficult. We recommend that you park off the Yard and walk on. Parking on Saturday and Sunday will typically not be an issue as faculty and staff are usually gone on those days.

Access to the Academy grounds is limited - Anyone with a locally prepared USNA ID Card or a DOD credential, including military retirees and dependents may drive onto USNA. All others will need to park outside the Academy and walk in through Gate 1. All visitors 21 years of age or older must have a valid picture ID. Visitors under the age of 21 who do not have a valid picture ID must be escorted by an adult with a valid form of identification. Please check the current security restrictions before planning a visit. Also, check the Department of Homeland Security REAL ID Act. Additional information and updates can be obtained by accessing the following web site.

Gate 1 Vehicle Traffic: Open Sun-Thurs 0600-2200/Fri-Sat 0600-0100
Gate 1 Pedestrian Traffic: Open Sun-Thurs 0500-0000/Fri-Sat 0500-0200
Gate 3 Pedestrian Traffic: Open Sun-Thurs 0600-1900/Fri-Sat 0600-2200
Gate 3 Vehicle Traffic: Access Mon-Fri 0600 - 0900; Exit Mon-Fri 1500-1800
Gate 8: Open 24 hours a day for both vehicles and pedestrians.
Post 5: Open 24 hours a day for both vehicles and pedestrians.
Commercial Vehicle Inspection Station: 0600 - 1400 Mon-Fri. Closed on federal holidays.

Note: Visitors will not be granted access prior to sunrise or after sunset unless coming on for a specific event (e.g. basketball game, ECA meeting, Chapel service). Also, holiday hours for Gate 3 vary from the normal. 

Sunrise to 5 p.m. or sunset, whichever is later, daily.

USNA Visitors Center
Visiting the Naval Academy Cemetery and Columbarium
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