Steve ComiskEy '69

'60s Classes, Chair, Council of Class Presidents

Steve Comiskey is now - and has been - the President of the Class of 1969 for many of our years since graduating. Over those now 50+ years, our Class of ’69 has been exemplary in supporting the Midshipmen, the Academy, and the Alumni. Among our gifts we have: underwritten the restoration of the Chapel; conceived of, initiated, and endowed the annual Michaelson Lecture; crafted and delivered a sounding board and gavel each year to the President of the graduating Class to be held by each President of that Class for the benefit of that entire Class made from wood from the deck or the side of the USS Constitution  (“Old Ironsides”); and, conceived of, initiated, stood up, and endowed the Alumni Mentoring Program (“AMP”).

I live in Washington, DC with my wife Sally. I have been a Private Wealth Advisor with Morgan Stanley for about 20 years. Before that I was a trial lawyer and corporate lawyer with my own law firm – Comiskey and Hunt – for about 20 years. Two of my sons graduated from Annapolis – Joe ’10 and Will’11 – and they each, like me, went into the Marine Corps. My third and oldest son – Barrett – is an international entrepreneur who has lived with his family in Asia for the last 20 or so years.

I was on active duty in the Marine Corps for twelve years. First in aviation and then as a judge advocate.