A&SP Committees

Standing committees of the Trustees are established to support the Trustees in the execution of their functions. The standing committees, in reviewing and making recommendations for areas under their cognizance, shall, through reports to the Trustees, facilitate the development, oversight and execution of policy and programs approved by the Trustees. Major functions assigned to standing committees are enumerated below. These functions may be expanded by the Chairman of the Executive Committee. Chairmen of standing committees are ex-officio members of the Executive Committee.

The Chairman of the Executive Committee may appoint temporary AdHoc Committees on an “as required” basis if the tasks assigned are not otherwise appropriate for a standing committee.

The Chairman of the Executive Committee shall appoint the Chairman of each standing committee.  Membership on a standing committee shall be comprised of Trustee volunteers selected by the committee Chairman. Committee members are expected to attend committee meetings on a regular basis. If unable to do so, Trustees should excuse themselves from membership on the committee. The Executive Secretary/Director will serve as a member on all committees.

Standing Committee meetings will be at the call of the Chair with consideration given to the ability of members to attend. A majority of those appointed to a Standing Committee shall constitute a quorum. From time-to-time consultants/advisors may be retained to facilitate understanding of issues and solutions. Compensation for such will require advance approval by the Chairman of the Executive Committee.


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