Officer Compensation Information

To ensure the officers receive fair and reasonable compensation and the organizations are in compliance with Internal Revenue Service regulations, a Joint Compensation Committee was formed comprised of members of both the Alumni and Foundation Boards.

The Committee selects an independent professional compensation consultant to conduct a market survey and conclude an appropriate range for the compensation package. Salaries are based on such factors as job responsibilities, performance, and compensation of those in similar positions at other institutions.

The consultant’s report is then reviewed by the Joint Compensation Committee, which makes its determinations about the reasonability of proposed pay. The Committee reviews annually, or as needed, the compensation packages of all top-level officials, and determines reasonability.
The executives at the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association and Foundation are at the median of those in our peer group as well as published surveys of non-profits in the Baltimore-Washington market.

Compensation Package Determination

The USNA Alumni Association and Foundation determine the compensation package of the CEO by following the process specified by the IRS. READ MORE...