As part of our commitment to lifelong learning, the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association and Foundation offers unique group travel opportunities. These alumni travel programs combine educational forums and excursions to places of historical and cultural interest, with the opportunity to enjoy unplanned experiences and meet local people. With our experienced partners, fabulous itineraries, easy sign-ups, and plenty of pre-departure information, we make travel easy and fun, and who is more fun to travel with than other Naval Academy grads? Of course, anyone is welcome on our tours.

We pick great itineraries that include all the things you want to see, and use well-located and well-priced hotels and ships with wonderful guides and lecturers. Our tours are open to all alumni, friends, and family.

To secure your reservation, please contact our travel partner noted for each trip and let them know you are with the Naval Academy. Some partners also allow for online booking. Once you have made a reservation, we will send you information on travel insurance.

If you have any questions, please contact Amy Garwood.