Photo taken on the grand staircase of the Fluegel Alumni Center at first ever joint session of Alumni Association Board of Trustees and Foundation Board of Directors, Wednesday, 25 October 2023 

Alumni Association Board of Trustees


Board of Trustees Meetings

2024 Spring Meeting - 10 May 2024 Fluegel Alumni Center, Annapolis, MD

The Spring Meeting is open to general membership. Please complete this interest survey if you plan to attend.

Summary Minutes from Fall 2023 Meeting

President's Report from Fall Meeting

2023-2024 Standing Committees

Governance and Policies

Strategic Plan 2030

Regional Map

Board Chair Through Spring 2024
ADM Mark Ferguson III ’78, USN (Ret.)


Board Vice Chair Through Fall 2025
LtGen David Beydler '81, USMC (Ret.)


President & CEO
Jeff Webb '95




Secretary (Non-Voting)
CAPT Wesley S. Huey '87, USN (Ret.) Ph.D.

Regional Trustees

Central Region Trustee Through Spring 2026
Darryl Smith '88


Eastern Region Trustee Through Spring 2026
Jen Tyll '01


Western Region Trustee Through Spring 2024
CAPT Barbette Lowndes '80, SC, USN (Ret.)

Board-Selected Trustees Through December 2024

George O'Garro '05


Matice Wright-Springer '88

Class Trustees

LtCol Gordon Gerson '58, USAF (Ret.)
'50s Classes Through Spring 2025


Steve Comiskey '69
'60s Classes, Chair, Council of Class Presidents Through Spring 2026


CAPT Kevin Stone '76, USNR (Ret.)
'70s Classes Through Spring 2026


James S. Schwab '88
'80s Classes Through Spring 2025


Thomas O. Wagner '97
'90s Classes Through Spring 2025


Donald Horner '08
'00s Classes Through Spring 2026


Ian M. Cameron '12
'10s Classes Through Spring 2025

Chapter Trustees

Tulsa, OK - Rocky Goins '84
Through Spring 2024


Greater Washington, DC - Dr. Jill Rough '96
Through Spring 2026


Hampton Roads - CDR Mark Rupprecht '76, USN (Ret.)
Through Spring 2024


Los Angeles - Brian DeJarnett '98
Through Spring 2026


Tampa Bay - CAPT Steven Swift '87, USNR (Ret.)
Through Spring 2024


North Texas - Jamey Cummings '93 
Through Spring 2026


Puget Sound - Todd Nichols '72
Through Spring 2024


Columbus, OH - CDR Anthony D. Konecny '79, USN (Ret.)
Through Spring 2024


San Diego - Craig Smith '82
Through Spring 2024


Texas Gulf Coast - Matt Guyton '07
Through Spring 2026


Jacksonville, FL - Enochia T. Anderson '94, M.Ed.
Through Spring 2024


Upper Midwest - Alex Plechash '75
Through Spring 2024


To contact your BOT representative, email BOT Administration.