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...* CLASS INFO * GIVING * EVENTS * NEWS * RESOURCES *     Contact Information for Class of 1953 Website Address: <> President:  Alvin S
Class Reunion Calendar (1953 Reunion)
... Location Double Tree Annapolis Fees ContactInfo CAPT Chris Zirps at CategoryName Reunions SubTitle 60th Reunion Details Name 1953 Reunion
The Kissing Sailor: Part 2
...most iconic photograph in American History &#8211; perhaps in all history. It all started&#8230;. Larry Verria&#8217;s voice: While I do not recall my first viewing of Alfred Eisenstaedt&#8217;s p
History of Distinguished Graduate Award Recipients
...Click on Name for biography 2014 DGA Recipients 2014 Program <> ~ 2014 Ceremony Video <> (includes biographical video
Alumni Classes
...Stephen D. Hubbard Vice-President: Raymond P. Wassel Secretary: Larry L. Warrenfeltz Treasurer: David A. Duffie Shipmate Class Contact: Larry L. Warrenfeltz Corresponding Secretary: Larry L. W
Tell Us Your Story
...Sea Stories contains personal accounts of individuals who write about their own experiences in the Navy and Marine Corps. Some are entertaining; some are inspiring, but all are educational as they
About Us - Distinguished Graduate Award
...The Distinguished Graduate Award (DGA) program started as a concept first envisioned by Rear Admiral Ronald F. Marryott, USN (Ret.), Class of 1957, when he was president and CEO of the United State
Story - Class of 1953: Gene Fluckey
...1953 Admiral Gene Fluckey by Bob "Fuzzy" Knight, '53 In&#160; 1961,&#160; Admiral Fluckey was ComPhibGru 4 and was given additional duty as Deputy ComSolant and brought part of his staff aboard
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...Chet Seto '78 <> <> Secretary: Larry Coleman '99 <> Treasurer: Thomas Hofer '90 <> Even
Find a Chapter (Alabama Chapter Annual Spring Dinner)
...Country Club 600 Beaumont Birmingham, Alabama Fees $50 / adult ContactInfo Laurie S Swenson (Larry &#39;65) - 334-365-3146 or CategoryName SubTitle Details Recognition
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...Ed Berko '79 <> Vice President: Larry Daugherty '86 <> Secretary: Laurie S. Swenson <> Treasurer: Jeanne G. Rudzki <mai
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...Ed Berko '79 <> Vice President: Larry Daugherty '86 <> Secretary: Laurie S. Swenson <> Treasurer: Jeanne G. Rudzki <mai
President's Circle 2012 Attendee List
...President's Circle Weekend Attendee List&#160; Name &#160; &#160; &#160; &#160; Class &#160; &#160; &#160; &#160; City &#160; &#160; &#160; &#160; State &#160; &#160; &#160; &#160; Mid/Graduate*
Home - News - USNA Stadium Descriptions
...Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium&#160;Descriptions of &#8220;Stadium Battles&#8221; Displayed on Facade Chateau-Thierry In the spring of 1918, the German army launched a massive offensive t
About Us - HT - DGA Recipients by Class Year
...Distinguished Graduate Award Recipients by Class Year Class of 1931 DGA 2003 - Ambassador William H. G. FitzGerald Class of 1933 DGA 1999 - Admiral Thomas H. Moorer, USN (Ret.) Class of 19
Class History 1939
...Class History: 1939 Naval Nuclear Power and the Class of 1939 By Captain John "Jack" Crawford '42, USN (Ret.) “Seven members of the Class of 1939 made contributions of fundamental and enduring
Story - Class of 1962: Royal Review
...1962 Sea Story: Royal Review The 1962 Football Teams and Their Coaches &#160; Sea Story: Royal Review By Charlie Norton '62 In the summer of 1959, the&#160; Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway
Story - Class of 1935: USS Barb
...1935 USS Barb: A Sub That Sank A Train Provided by Richard Ardavany '61 In 1973 an&#160; Italian submarine named Enrique Tazzoli was sold for a&#160; paltry id="mce_marker"00,000 as scrap metal.
Story - Class of 1943: Alaska
...1943 A Career Highlight An Alaska Sequence A Career Highlight by Captain Franklyn Dailey Jr., USNR (Ret.) '43 An invitation to the White House? No. That has been a highlight for other grad
Your story - Class of 1934
...1935 USS Barb: A Sub That Sank A Train A Sea Story &#160; USS Barb: A Sub That Sank A Train Provided by Richard Ardavany '61 In 1973 an&#160; Italian submarine named Enrique Tazzoli was sol
...(J-3); Lieutenant General (LTGEN) Walt Woolwein, USA, Director of Logistics (J-4); LTGEN Larry Seith, USAF, Director of Plans (J-5); and Rear Admiral (RADM)  Gene Farrell, USN,  Director of Communi
Story - Class of 1978: 100 Mile Relay
...the USS Maine (Gold Crew).&#160; He's shifted from running to elliptical training and swimming. Larry Myers &#8217;81 ran several marathons and a couple of JFK 50 mile runs. He&#8217;s currently w
Home - News14 - Competitive Edge: Navy Teams Poised For Fall
...the bench, have graduated.   “This will be another growth year for us,” said fourth-year Coach Larry Bock, who guided Navy to a 13-16 finish, marking not only the most victories in a season on hi
...of Staff for POLARIS. Stan Smith, CO of DANIEL WEBSTER (SSBN 626) of FBM Training Center. Larry Stahl, SSBN CO and XO of POLARIS submarine tender. Jack Walsh, CO, of THOMAS JEFFERSON (SSBN 6
...state fair.&#8221; Renting the goat in exchange for 2-50 yard line tickets, John commandeered Larry Webster, a star tackle for &#8220;A Team Named Desire&#8221; and then stationed in Long Beach, as

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