While attending STEM I had the opportunity to see and do things that I couldn’t have done elsewhere. The learning experience was valuable and has inspired me to work harder in hopes of attending the Naval Academy.
-- Summer STEM Program 2010 attendee 
My experience was an opportunity of a lifetime!... the best part of the week was being able to apply knowledge that I learned in school to practical, hands-on activities. The experience has made me want to try to apply what I learned to my science and math classes when I return to school.
-- Summer STEM Program 2010 attendee 

Summer STEM Program

As one component of the Naval Academy's Admissions outreach strategy, the Academy has developed a one-week summer program designed to introduce middle and high school students (grades 8 through 11) to the world of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Private gifts help fund travel and tuition related expenses for those qualified candidates who lack sufficient financial resources to participate in this program. 

Program Overview

During this one-week program, students are introduced to Naval Academy research programs and hands-on projects related to the following disciplines: Aerospace, Mechanical, and Systems Engineering, Oceanography, Advanced Mathematics, Thermodynamics, Robotics, and Computer Technology. Attendees also learn about seamanship and navigation and spend time aboard the Naval Academy's fleet of training craft and in the Academy's ship navigation simulators.

Program Goals

  • Encourage middle and high school students to enroll in the requisite preparatory math and science courses while they are in high school, in order to best prepare them to study these subjects at the college level.
  • Some STEM program attendees will successfully pursue admission to the Naval Academy. These students will also benefit from direct contact with midshipman role models and exposure to the Naval Academy's emphasis on duty, honor, and ethical behavior – exposure that will benefit these young people as they develop into America's future leaders regardless of where they elect to attend college.
  • Develop and implement a program that would grow to accommodate 600-800 8-11th graders annually from across the country.

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