Naval Academy History Productions, The USNA's Department of History produces stories, debates, interviews
 and memories in several podcast productions: History's Top Three, Scholars By The Sea, Tell Me Another,
 Blue & Gold, "Tis But a Scratch!" and, News Archives. Midshipmen and faculty explore all things in the past,
 under the sun and over the horizon.

 The Goohay Podcast, hosted by William C. Jones '90, is a forum for Shipmates to help Shipmates
 without expectations except to make a new connection, learn something new or connect to a new opportunity.

 Episode 17: Mary Beth Bruggeman, a Marine Corps veteran and President of The Mission Continues,
 shares her experiences as both a midshipman and instructor at the Naval Academy.

 Host Mike Steadman '00 interviews veterans and military spouses with businesses
 and startups from all industries and stages. Listen each week to dive deep into their
 stories and lessons learned.

The VeteranCrowd Spotlight - where citizen soldiers who are making a difference.
Join your host, Bob Louthan, and guests with skills and discipline forged in the crucible
of the US Military.

 Sean Gallagher ’96, presents his short stories through his podcast Montana 3000;
 a collection of observations, imaginings.

 Jordon Voss ’03 presents a futuristic podcast series. Guests include a diverse group of
 C-suite leaders from REI, Lululemon, Amazon and many others.

 In case you are wondering how VADM Ted Carter ’81, USN (Ret.), is doing since he
 retired out of his Superintendent position at USNA, and about some of his history
 and philosophy, check out the “Passion Struck” podcast by John Miles ’93 on YouTube.

 Join Navy Sports Nation blog founder Karl Darden for an in depth look at the Mids as
 they compete in 33 Men's & Women's NCAA Division 1 college sports.

 Red Beach Radio - the Official podcast of the United States Naval Academy Alumni
 Association, Greater Washington DC Chapter (USNAAA GWC)

 Where Accountants Go - The Accounting Careers Podcast:
 Episode 185: Dr. Scott Dell ’80 - CPA,  Entrepreneur (hosted by Mark Goldman, CPA)

 SouthBound: Janie Mines ’80 On Changing The Naval Academy–And How It Changed Her
 (hosted by Tommy Tomlinson)

 Leadership Under Fire: Optimizing Human Performance (Jason Brezler ’00 is one of the
 show's producers and is founder and president of Leadership Under Fire)

 Solve It! for Kids - The science podcast for curious & creative kids and their families
 (hosted by Jed Doherty and Jennifer Swanson ’90).

 Ear Adrift: Inspiring stories about Sailor life, quirky stories about the U.S. Navy, and the experience of
 being a Shipmate all in one podcast.

 Veteran’s PATH - helping veterans find peace, acceptance, transformation and honor
(hosted by Jon Macaskill ’01)

 Life Lessons with Lindsay (hosted by Lindsay E. Boyd ’14): A series focusing on lessons we learn outside
of the classroom and in the grander scheme of life in general. Check out Episode 8: Interview with Kellie Hall '14

 The Ask: Extraordinary People, Captivating Answers Episode 2: Not Our Day to Die (hosted by Mike Sullivan '68)

 The Do-Over: GOUNDING A NAVAL AVIATOR with RADM Lawrence Chambers, USN (Ret.) Episode #02

 Baltimore Sports & Beyond with Bobby Trosset: A Conversation with Navy Deputy Director of Athletics Eric Ruden

 Navy Football Brotherhood: The Navy Football Brotherhood podcast is an Inside Look at the Navy football tradition.
 (One of the creators of this podcast is Jack Colletti ’91)

 Sing Second Sports: A weekly podcast by Navy Sports fans...for Navy Sports fans. Hosted by John Schofield and
 Ward Carroll ’82 featuring Bill Wagner.

 Telos Running-Running on Purpose (hosted by Steve Sisson)

 MCTI Teamcast (hosted by Coleman Ruiz ’98 and Dr. Preston Cline)

 Service Academy Business Mastermind: The Service Academy Business Mastermind (SABM) is filled with Service Academy
 graduates on an entrepreneurial, career and business-building adventure; hosted by Scott Mackes ’01.

 Pinto Capital Investments: Anthony Pinto '14 hosts a weekly podcast, The Lessons in Real Estate Show, where he interviews top
 multifamily and commercial real estate experts and digs into the lessons learned on their path to success—both good and bad.

 Beyond the Uniform: 400+ interviews with military Veterans about their civilian career: what they do,
 how they got there, and advice for other Veterans seeking to do the same; hosted by Justin Nassiri ’02

 Thank You For Your Service (hosted by ENS Thomas Krasnican ’18, USN, and ENS Nick Paraiso ’18, USN)

 Waypoints (hosted by the Sisterhood of Mother B, an affiliate of the USNA Women Shared Interest Group)

 DODReads: What are you Reading? (created by LT P. M. Kotlikoff, USN ’13)

 Service Academy Sports (hosted by SB Nation)

 "Borne the Battle" featuring Stephen Holley ’00 (Official Blog of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs)

 The Ballistic Podcast ( hosted by LTJG Vikram Kanth ’15, USN)

 Preble Hall Podcast (hosted by USNA Museum)

 Confessions of A Native Son: African-American Naval Academy Graduate, Marine
 Corps Veteran, and Entrepreneur "IRON" Mike Steadman '00, shares his perspectives
 on race, culture, and business.)

 Academy Insider (hosted by ENS Grant Vermeer '17, USN) - archived podcasts

 Warrior Writers (hosted by U.S. Naval Academy Institute)