Revitalizing Navy Athletics'
Hall of Fame

L-R: Lynne Powell, Mark Powell ’83, Chet Gladchuk (AD), Jeff Johnson ’79, Christine Johnson,
VADM W. Ted Carter '81, USN, RADM (sel) Robert Chadwick '91, USN. Photo courtesy of Debbie Latta.

The U.S. Naval Academy Foundation’s Athletic and Scholarship Programs’ (A&SP) Volunteer Involvement Committee (VIC) is responsible for updating locker rooms, trophies, award displays and more.

In the fall of 2014, Captain James Minderlein ’65, USN (Ret.), a member of the committee and a Naval Academy tour guide, suggested to VIC Chairman Jeff Johnson ’79 that the Hall of Fame (HOF) on the Navy Athletics second deck of Lejeune Hall needed an update. After an inspection of the Hall of Fame (which thousands of visitors pass through annually), it was determined that an update was needed to bring this highly visible shrine up to Naval Academy standards.  The VIC presented a plan to A&SP, the Naval Academy Athletic Association and the Superintendent’s office and received approval to move forward. AS&P provided the funding to develop conceptual designs in Spring 2015 and subsequent detailed design and construction documents in Spring 2016. Johnson consulted with Athletic Director Chet Gladchuk and NAAA Facilities and Maintenance Director Commander Tom McKavitt ’83, USN (Ret.), to finalize the design and budget in Spring 2017. 

As a result of generous support, the project was able to move forward. Johnson and his wife Chris stepped up to become lead donors. Johnson’s business partner at ARGO Systems LLC, Mark Powell ’83 and wife Lynne also joined as lead donors. Rear Admiral Stephen Chadwick ’63, USN (Ret.) and Maureen Chadwick, and Phillip Norton ’66 and his wife Patricia also supported the project. 

Dedicated on 16 November 2018, the updated Navy Athletics Hall of Fame’s beautiful and functional display is a result of teamwork between A&SP and the Naval Academy Athletic Association. 

The Navy Athletics Hall of Fame located on the second floor of Lejeune Hall chronicles the Academy’s top athletes from as early as 1900, featuring every current and past varsity sport. Pictures of athletes adorn the walls of the long hallways broken up by sport and year graduated and there are two interactive kiosks.

Visit Athletic and Scholarship Programs for more information about the program.