Administering Your Web Site

The USNA Alumni Association & Foundation offers web space to Classes, Chapters, and Parents' Clubs to provide an affordable way to keep their constituents informed.

Currently, we are able to offer 25 megs of disk space at no cost.  

The Alumni Association & Foundation is not an ISP and does not offer options such as CGI, ASP,, Pearl, PHP, Coldfusion, or other scripting languages, domain recognition, or database usage. These services may or may not become available at a later time. We have the ability to use  FTP to administer your site. 

Getting Started

Read our Privacy Policy page thoroughly.

Request a Web Publishing Contract.  This needs to be signed, and sent to the address below. Please print carefully – especially the email address.

Web Master
U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association
247 King George St.
Annapolis, MD 21402

Administering the Site

The Alumni Association & Foundation offers FTP capability. If you have never used FTP, you will find it much more efficient and convenient than the previous upload program. Multiple files can be uploaded simultaneously and users can now create folders.

Contact Anne Sharpe, Web Communications Manager, to get your FTP User ID and Password. This will be different from your "Online Community" login for security purposes.

Accessing Your Website Using FTP (PDF)


If you encounter a problem or need help, please email Anne Sharpe.


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